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Links and Photos


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Flame block with bark removed.

Outer face of a flame tree showing how the figure goes in.

Bookmatched 1/4" flame drop top. Unglued, unsanded.

David McNaught, Phoenix model.

Roger Sadowsky. Sunburst finish.

Hollowtron with a charcoal burst finish by Don Grosh.

Violin by Merrill Frantz.

Outer face of a quilt block showing inside figure.

Bookmatched 1/4" quilt drop top. Unglued, unsanded.

A closer look at the Crowdster by Tom Anderson.

Jet Guitars, Earlwood model.

A rare type of quilt we call "Angel Step" quilt.

A 14" wide quilt billet. These are hard to find!

A classical guitar with Pete Barthell.

Joe Driskill's famous "Monkey Face" guitar.

Tom Bills 16" "Natura" archtop.



Mark Campellone was kind enough to send us pictures he took from start to finish of one of the guitars he made with our wood.


The rough billet just received, split, redried and ready to go.

Thicknessed, jointed and glued.

Initial shaping done, the top nearby.

Body work done and in the white.

First coats in the spray booth.

Buffed, polished and ready to go.




- Tom Anderson Guitar Works: http://andersonguitars.com/ 


- Grosh Guitars: http://www.groshguitars.com/


- Sadowsky Guitars: http://www.sadowsky.com/


- David Thomas McNaught Guitars: http://www.mcnaughtguitars.com/


- Mark Campellone: http://www.mcampellone.com/


- Pete Barthell: http://www.barthellguitars.com/


- JET Guitars: http://www.jetguitars.com/ 


- Driskill Guitars: http://driskillguitars.com/





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